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Friday, 8 July 2016

How to Earn free N10,000+ Credit From Mtn, Glo, Etisalat and Airtel


This free recharge card it been sponsored by and application known as ZOTO. Zoto is a new app you can use to recharge your phone even if you're in the forest or desert chilling. With the app you have only one option to recharge with your ATM card.

This is how the Zoto app works :
(1) Download the app HERE

(2) Install the app after downloading and launch it. Thereafter, follow the on screen direction and register inputting the details :
Name, number as required and ensure you use

AKIN0649 as your referral's code Or Coupon Code when you want to recharge... if not you wont get your own N1000 and code to share with friends and get you own free recharge card while you sit @ home sipping your kunu.

(3) Once registration is completed, recharge your line via the app using your ATM card details and AKIN0649 as your coupon when you want to recharge.. Make sure you see Congrats.. you'll be given free N1000 on this recharge you will be given N1000 promo bonus which you can equally withdraw immediately you've recharged your line on either your Glo, MTN, Etisalat or Airtel Line. You can use the free card to Subscribe on data plans, make calls or transfer to friends

(4) For each person that registers under you and recharges as well with 100 or above, you are also guaranteed of 1k also.

Note: The site is so secured owing to the vital info on their site. The app have bin approved by CBN since it makes use of every type of ATM card in Nigeria.

It works... Hury while the offer last.. Promo ends on 12th of this month.
You must recharge with as little as N100 before you'll receive your own credit.
See my own free recharge below.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

CyberXchange 2016 - The Biggest Tech Event Coming To Nigeria in November

In just a matter of decades, technology has fundamentally changed the business landscape in West Africa Founded in 2014, The CyberXchange Conference is an annual event series designed to shine a spotlight on new and emerging technology that is transforming the ways that we do business in West Africa. Two full days of programming at the CyberXchange

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Angry Fans go all out on Innjoo Nigeria

Recently, fans took it upon themselves to pure out their anger on Injoo phones official on their facebook page.
Most of the things they complained about were.. Wack battery life, No spare parts for their device, Wack customer service support etc.
See the Below images i got online concerning the matter.

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How To Purchase Airtime For MTN, ETISALAT and other Telecoms From Your Bank Account

Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank) Airtime Recharge Code
For quick self-recharge, dial *737*amount# and Dial on your
mobile phone (This must be the from the mobile number
registered in your account). E.g. *737*1000#
To recharge for other numbers, dial *737*Phone no*Amount#. E.g.
*737*08055500555*1000# (Note you will be required to verify the
transfer by entering the last four digits of your ATM card)
Daily Limit is ?5,000 Naira

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Text Free- The Android App That Let's You Text and Call For Free

Even with the existence of messaging apps for Android such as WhatsApp, Viber and WeChat, texting still remains quite prevalent in our daily lives. If you’re like me then many of your friends still send you several texts during the course of the week but you dislike paying for texting since you have a data plan and WhatsApp.

If so is the case, why not give textfree a shot?
The app reviewed here today allow users to send and receive messages from any number worldwide but it's of course supported by ads. Were you expecting a walk-by?


Textfree is easy to setup and makes it very simple for users to fully enjoy the app’s experience.

After going through the sign-up process, Textfree will then ask you to enter your area code, in order to create the number that will be associated with your Textfree account.

This is a neat feature but, as the app notifies you, there aren’t many numbers associated with some area codes. If this is the case for you and there are no numbers associated with your area code at the time of you signing up, the app will choose an area code as close to yours as possible.
Textfree also allows users to display messages from their native text messaging app within their Textfree inbox which can be quite convenient if you plan to make it a staple of your texting life. You will also be able to send messages using your regular cellular plan.

In addition to texting, free calls can be made to other users of the app but if you wish to call other numbers you will need to purchase minutes.
Overall this app is effective and based on user reviews and recommendations you should try this.

Download Links
Download Directly APK

Or-- Search Text Free on Google Play Store.
Be tuned in to for more technology updates

Monday, 18 January 2016

Tips: 4 Important Notes Before Creating Your Mobile Game

If you are planning on starting your own smartphone games developing company, or just want to release something a bit entertainment, it's vital you learn how you can garner users to really stick to your developments. Here we list out some tips that will help you in creating a good mobile game.

Focus On The Control.
When it comes to controlling the game, an overly steep learning curve is not something that most mobile gamers will accept.
In fact, the most popular game apps available today generally use simple swipes and taps to move the game along. Of course, players don’t like to know that what they are doing is simple, so make sure that these swipes and taps result in visually entertaining and dynamic effects. To use Angry Birds as an example, the simple act of launching a bird at a pig-filled structure results in an orgy of destruction as blocks topple and crash together. It’s easy to get the hang of, and it’s rewarding.

2. Keep It Simple

If you have dreams of creating the next Legend of Zelda or Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell ,then more grease to your elbow.

However, those kind of things just aren’t what today’s casual gamers are after. In-depth gaming still holds a prominent place in the world of video games, but that place isn’t on a tiny screen (or a medium sized screen if you’re a pad user) being jostled about while riding the bus during a morning commute.

Mobile gamers want something that they can get into quickly without much thought or context. Does your main character require an in depth backstory and loads of dialogue to explain why he or she is doing whatever it is they’re doing? If so, then a mobile app may not be the best platform.

3. Use Points To Reward The User

There’s something in the human psyche that forces us to constantly strive for reward. This is true, even when the rewards themselves are useless and ultimately meaningless. Points, coins, achievements, or whatever you wish to callthem will keep the player coming back for more. As such, it’s important that the rewards themselves are plentiful, occurring nearly constantly as the player progresses.

Make sure the rewards are heralded by some sort of visual effect or special sound, so that the player can knowright away that they’ve achieved something good. In addition to points, players should also be rewarded with content.
New characters, levels, abilities, sound tracks, or any other game play or cosmetic changes that you can throw into the game will keep players hooked.

4. Make It Good

Console video games have become so disturbingly photo realistic, that sometimes it’s difficult to tell if you’re playing a game or watching a live-action film. However, mobile app games have moved in a different direction.
Rather than use state of the art graphics to reproduce a digital facsimile of the real world, they concentrate on fun, cartoony visuals that would be equally at home on a Saturday morning TV show. Ironically, the less photorealistic the visual effects are, the more easily they can be seen and understood by players. Remember, many players will be interacting with your game on a screen the size of a credit card, so make sure the graphics are clean, colorful, and uncluttered.

Likewise, sound effects should be fun, but uncomplicated. Generally mobile device speakers are small and can be difficult to hear in some circumstances, but HD audio recordingfeatures may be coming in future mobile units. Be sure to keep on tuning to akintoms blog.

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Infinix Zero 3: Review and Insight

Review of infinix zero 3
Infinix zero 3 was released few weeks ago, the Infinix company are jam-packing the market now with their class act smartphones.

First of all the device comes with 20.7mega_pixel camera which makes it outstanding, considering the Gionee Marathon 5 offered something about 8MP only. It's sharpened to display your best moments in the highest quality. The phone is like a digital camera itself.

Less I forget the 5MP Front Camera for (we) the selfie addicts, and with 5.5inch FHD resolution which is very great for a low end term device , there is 16GB ROM version and 32GB Version.

It doesn't look bad for a low bargain device and comes with android 5.1 fire which is very great and OTA update here are some details and specifications on the device.

ROM : 16/32GB (optional)
Display: 5.5 inches
Resolution: 1080x1920
SD card : 64/128 (randomly)
Camera : 20.7MP (primary) 5MP secondary
Sim: Dual sim (micro)
Battery: (3030mah)
Processor: 2.2Ghz Octa core(Mediatek Helio x10)
Items found in box:

A USB charger
an adapter
an ejector tool
a free cover
2 adapter plugs
User Manual

The main interesting part of this device is the SD card, ROM and it's RAM. It's very cohesive especially when we look into multi-tasking, this will do an impressive job keeping you in different activities with a single device.

It is smooth and nice in terms of playing games because I tested some android games like FIFA 15 ultimate team and Pes2016 and it played without lagging and no forced close. I really bagged some goals also. (laughs).


The battery is strong and capable of sustaining your daily needs, I spent up to 6hours non-stop action and I minimized to see my battery in 79%. Its very good. One awesome feature that separates it from other smartphones


The screen is touch sensitive, giving you a more fast and relaxed approach to proceedings without necessarily trying a bit too much.

Video quality and image display is tremendous.

Notable Features

It has two slot for sim micro on the left tray which is very simple to insert and remove sims.
Its earphone jackpot is located at the top.
On the right is the SD card slot with the power and volume keys.
The benchmark score.
Infinix Zero 3 vs Samsung s6= 45333 : 27907
Amazing right? That makes it a very notable phone which is determined to keep the infinix brand strong in the market.

So do follow us next for more of our technology updates.

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